Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Emergency Contact


I’m currently on a trip and there is an emergency. What can I do?

We have a dedicated out of hours team; please give us a call on +44333 2309 118 and we’ll be here to help!


The Booking Process


I’ve not received my booking confirmation email, where is it?

First things first, check your spam! You can also add our email address to your address book and you will never miss an email again. Should you still have problems, please get in touch with us by email hello@sportsbreaks.com or speak to our experts on 0333 2309 115.


When will I receive my travel itinerary?

We aim to have final travel itineraries with you 7 to 14 days before your event.


My booking says ‘pending.’ What does this mean?

‘Pending’ status can sometimes mean that your card payment failed, so we’d advise logging into your account and double checking. More often than not, however, ‘pending’ status means that we are checking the final details of your booking or application and you will receive further updates via email once these checks have been made.

Why can’t I purchase a ticket without a hotel stay?

Our contracts with individual clubs and organisations are for match break packages, which means they have to include a minimum one-night hotel stay.


Can I make a booking for four people, but only two attend the game?

We sell our match breaks as a package, so everyone on the booking must have a match ticket alongside their hotel stay.


If an event is showing as sold out, will it ever go back on sale?

It’s unlikely as we’ll have sold our allocation of tickets and may only have new availability if someone cancels or we’re somehow able to get hold of additional stock. Please register your interest on the relevant product page for updates about future availability.

Can we book from overseas?

Fill your boots! If there are restrictions on regions, we’ll let you know in the booking process.


Payments and Cancellations


Can I clear my balance online?

Please call us to pay over the phone as this isn’t yet possible via our website (but our IT team are working on it).

Can I pay a deposit?  

We have deposit plans and payment schedules available on most events; all payment options will be displayed throughout the booking journey.


Will scheduled payments be taken automatically?

If you choose to pay a deposit, a full payment schedule will be outlined at the time of booking. You will also be sent a payment receipt which will outline scheduled payment dates. Further payments will then be taken automatically (as outlined in your schedule) until your outstanding balance is cleared.  

Can I cancel my booking?

Get in touch and we’ll be able to advise on your specific booking. There’s no charge if you want to cancel within 24 hours of making a booking, but after this it does vary depending on which package you’ve booked. Take a look at our T&Cs and see what applies to you.


Fixture Changes


My fixture has been moved to another date. What can I do?


Please refer to section 17 of our terms and conditions here.


Premier League fixtures can change date and kick-off time as close as a couple of weeks before they’re played. All sorts can affect the times and dates of matches; the TV schedules and other competitions are the usual reasons. The Premier League will announce confirmed match dates and times usually no later than 4 weeks before they’re played, but every so often it can be a little later.

If the match you’ve booked has its date and/or time changed you will receive an email from us telling you what to do next. When you receive this email, you’ll have 7 days to come back to us to change your hotel dates. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll keep the booking the same. We might also have to give you a little less time to respond if the change happens really close to match day.

If a match moves from a weekend day to another weekend day (e.g. Saturday to Sunday), or the match time changes but the date doesn’t, we can change the date of your hotel stay if that’s your preference. The same applies if a Tuesday game changes to a Wednesday.

If a match moves from a weekend to weekday, or a weekday to a weekend, or any other change over 36 hours, we can either change the date of your hotel stay or we can cancel your booking and give you your money back.

Account & Password  

How can I reset my password?

Please click on the ‘forgotten my password’ link, follow the instructions and ‘Boom!’, you’re in!

How do I make an account?

You can open an account when making your first booking, or if you want to get ahead of the game please click ‘Register’ at the top of the page.

Match or Event Tickets


How do I receive my tickets?

Most of our events include e-tickets but it can vary depending on what event you have booked. We will let you know the finer details in the ‘Final Documents’ email sent to you around 7-14 days before the event.


The most common methods of receiving tickets are collection at the venue (on the day of the event), e-ticket or by post (up to a week before). This varies depending on the specific match or event you’ve booked.


When will I receive my tickets?

We’ll let you know in the ‘Important Information’ section of the booking before taking payment. We’ll also advise you in the ‘Final Documents’ email sent you around 7-14 days before the event.


Will we be guaranteed to sit together?

We always try our best to make this happen, but we can’t always guarantee it as each individual venue is responsible for their own seating plans. Children under the age of 18 will always be sat with an adult.


Why can’t I choose where I sit?

We have a specific allocation given to us by the club and it is the club who ultimately allocate the tickets. We have a dedicated section of seating within each stadium, so you could be allocated any seat in that section.

Travel & Hotel Queries


Can I check-in for my flight online?

This varies depending on the airline we’re using for your trip. Either way, we will look after this for you and outline check-in details on your final travel itinerary.

What time can I check-in at my hotel?

Check-in is usually from 3pm, but this can be different depending on the hotel you’ve chosen. If you arrive at your hotel before check-in opens, you might not be able to check in straight away, but you’ll be able to store you bags so you can get your weekend started!

European Match breaks - are flights included?

We only offer hotel and ticket packages, so no flights are included, and you will need to purchase these separately.

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

We express the importance of customers having adequate travel insurance in our booking  conditions and the important information section during the checkout process. If you are unsure of any information, please contact one of our friendly contact centre team who’ll be able to help with your questions.

You must be satisfied that your insurance fully covers all your personal requirements including pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation charges, medical expenses and repatriation in the event of accident or illness. If you choose to travel without adequate insurance cover, we will not be liable for any losses howsoever arising, in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available. 

Travelling with Children

What is the child age?

Depending on the event this may vary. Please check our website for further details.

Is there a minimum age for children to attend?

All children must be accompanied by at least one adult and every guest must count as an individual on the booking no matter how small, but there is no minimum age.

Do you offer a child price?

All our prices are standard, we do not sell packages at a discounted child price.

Mobility and Disability

Can I enjoy a match break if I require mobility assistance?

Please contact us for more information about the event you are interested in attending, and we will help you in every way possible. Most venues and seating allocations are different by club and event, and our friendly contact centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have.


Are there disabled tickets available?

If anyone on your booking needs special assistance for reduced mobility, disability or any other medical condition, please drop us a line at hello@sportsbreaks.com.We can then give you more information about the accessibility of different services and the assistance available from suppliers and venues.

Availability and access to certain services/seating may be limited by the service provider, so we’d prefer it if you’d you talk to us about what you need before booking. If you book online, please include information about any special assistance you need in the ‘medical’ box.

I cannot walk very far, can I still attend a Grand Prix?

All of our Grand Prix packages are different and the track facilities vary at each circuit. Give one of our experts a call on 0333 2309 115 or drop us a message on hello@sportsbreaks.com if anyone in your booking needs special assistance for reduced mobility, disability or any other medical condition.

Please talk to us about what you need before booking. If you do choose to book online, however, please include information about any special assistance requirements in the ‘medical’ box.

Supporter Travel


I’ve made an application for away supporter travel. How long will it take you to confirm it?

We’ll do our best to confirm applications as quickly as possible, but sometimes we have to wait for information from ticket providers or third parties.


Why have you cancelled the away supporters trip?

Sometimes there isn’t enough interest from fans for a trip to go ahead. We will let you know if this is likely to happen as soon as we can so you can make alternative arrangements.

Can I travel on my friend’s membership number?

This is up to the individual club and we’ll let you know when you make your application.

Why do I not qualify to travel for European Away Travel?

Places on these trips are limited, and if we get loads of interest, we might have to stop taking applications. The club ultimately decide who has qualified based on their points criteria.  After we’ve checked everyone’s memberships, we might open applications again (it all depends on who has applied and if we have sold out).

We’ll do our best to let you know if you’ve got a place on the trip within 24 hours of everyone on your application qualifying for a match ticket. You’ll need to qualify for a match ticket to be able to travel on this trip, along with anyone else you have applied with on the same Sportsbreaks.com reference number.

As soon as the club let us know what the ticketing criteria is, we’ll be able to let you know if you’ve got a place!

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